Brewery – Bizon Brewery
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About us

Bizon Brewery was established in 2011, starting out with only a 110-litre, tiny boiling pot. Presently we brew our beer using a two-can boiling pot with a maximum volume of 400 litres. We’re proud of the fact that we don’t receive any grants or subsidies and therefore we don’t take money out of our own – or anyone else’s – pockets. No investor has any hold over us and so we’re free to go our own way. And we’re certainly going!


Luboš Svoboda / maltster

The maltster is the heart of the brewery. Mr. Svoboda is an experienced maltster with 20 years full of brewing practice. Luboš graduated from the Technical school of Food Technology in Podskalská street, Prague and has spent many years since working for Pilsner Urquel, as well as educating future maltsters and preparing them for their own practice.


We brew our beer in a traditional way. In order to chill the wort we use a cooling drain – that means a wide shallow tub, where the hot wort slowly cools down and oxidizes, while the sludge sediments. The green beer ferments in open vats, decreasing its temperature.