Restaurant Cizice - Pivovar Bizon Čižice
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Bizon Brewery is a tavern brewery, where you can taste our beer straight from the source and see where it’s made. Feel free to come and dine in a stylish restaurant decorated with vintage advertising. We happily welcome cyclists in summer – there’s a terrace and a large adjacent garden. There is also a lounge, which is used for private parties which you can rent.

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bizonBizon 10°

Light draft beer brewed from two types of malt and Saaz hops. The malt taste combines with a higher degree of bitterness.

0,5l 24,– / 0,3l 16,–

karolinaKarolína Světlá 13°

Pale, pilsner-type beer, classified as special. Comes from a pale malt, contains only Saaz hops.

0,5l 30,– / 0,3l 20,–

klistakKlíšťák 13°

Dark red, top-fermented beer. Similar to English beers of the ALE type, it boasts a prominent, aromatic bitterness coming from american and Saaz-grown hops. Brewed using five different types of malt, mostly czech in origin.

0,5l 32,– / 0,3l 21,–


We make our own pizza!
Big Burger, fries 89,–
Fried cheese, fries 89,–
Grilled knee 155,–
Hot chips 59,–

Sausage 52,–
Burger (rissole) 29,–
Pickled sausage 29,–
Camembert cheese 41,–